Squid 3 for Windows

Native port of Squid 3, with some Windows service enhancement.

WARNING: This is a development code with no guarantee of functionality or performance.

If your are looking for a STABLE Squid version for Windows then please look at the 2.7 page instead.

The development of Squid 3 for Windows (3.0 and 3.1 branches) is stopped since the bazaar migration of the Squid 3 VCS because the inability of Bazaar to handle correctly real multiplatforms development projects.
This problem is known since 2005 to Bazaar Development Team at Canonical, but still nothing was fixed.
Probably no STABLE Squid 3 binary packages will be available before the fix of this problem, so please ask the Bazaar Team for the fix needed for the resurrection of the Squid 3 for Windows development.

UPDATE: according to Canonical, starting from version 1.14, Bazaar should be able to work correctly.
But this too long awaited fix to Bazaar is really coming too late to avoid unrecoverable damages to Squid 3 development on Windows:
The Windows development is still stopped because the are too much Squid new functionality totally out of sync or not implemented on Windows.

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  • At this time Windows is a platform partially supported from Squid Community.
    For general Squid configuration ask always on squid-users mailing list.

    Original Port and some enhancements by Romeo Anghelache (see the ChangeLog)

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